Every Boudoir Session Includes:
* Personalized Pre-Shoot Consultation
* Custom Style Board (we love Pinterest, too!)
* Wardrobe and Posing Guide
* Professional Hair
* Professional Makeup
* 1 - 3 Hour Session (depending on wardrobe changes)
* Digital Copies (of your product images)

Boudoir Sessions take place in an upscale hotel room, in a very relaxed atmosphere - we're not rushing through the poses, we're taking our time to make you look your very best.

After your session, we send you on your way (looking -and feeling- fabulous, by the way), and start selecting and editing the very best photos. How much editing we do is entirely up to you, ranging from the most basic cropping and color correcting, all the way up to full on "Cosmo Cover Girl Photoshop" mode (something in between usually suits us just fine). Typically we have fully edited photographs ready for your approval within 1 week. After that, you choose the images you want, and within a few weeks, your products are delivered to you.

Everything about your Boudoir Session can be tailored just for you, so if you'd prefer to arrange for your own hair, makeup, and location; great! We can take great photographs pretty much anywhere, and we're very flexible with hair styles. But unless you're a professional makeup artist, we ask that you not try to do your own makeup - there's a difference between makeup for real life, and makeup for photos, and it really does make a huge impact in the final images. If you're really lucky, you can convince your wedding day makeup artist and hair stylist to do your "tests" on shoot day, and get double duty!

Boudoir Session packages start at $750, which includes 10 fully edited card prints in a convertible cherry or black walnut album box (with additional images and albums available).

Discretion is of the utmost importance, and we will NEVER share or post your images without express written permission.
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