OH Snap! Photography | About

OH Snap! Photography is an Ohio-based wedding, portrait, and boudoir Certified Professional Photographer, and winner of the 2017 WeddingWire Couple's Choice Award.

OH Snap! officially started in the Fall of 2014, though its origins date back to 2008 - that's when owner and founder Ben Geiser began working as the Event and Product Photographer for All Events Rental, a boutique event rental company serving most of Northeast Ohio. It was at All Events that Ben gained valuable experience not only photographing weddings, but also watching how vendors interact, and the timing that's required for a successful wedding. It's this experience with weddings outside the realm of photography that gives OH Snap! an edge, especially when working with a tight schedule.

In November of 2016, after an intense 2 year process involving exams and portfolio submissions, Ben become a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) - one of only a handful in the state of Ohio. Being a CPP shows a commitment to the craft, and holds Ben and OH Snap! to a higher standard of quality, consistency, and reliability. Not only does this certification provide another way to differentiate ourselves in such a crowded industry, it also allows Ben to be confident in his own abilities regardless of the situation; and by extension it allows our clients to be confident that they're receiving the very best photographer possible. And when we're talking about once-in-a-lifetime events, that's an important distinction.

Are you still reading? Wow. OK. So, my wife tells me all that stuff up there is a little boring, and that I should be more personal and relatable. So here are some interesting facts about me:

  • I've never smoked anything, except salmon (...a complete failure I refuse to talk about...), and do my best to avoid all medications, whether legal, illicit, or prescription.
  • ...Except caffeine (I love a good green tea, and the occasional coffee -black, two sugars); but only when I'm working.
  • ...And gin (unmixed, on the rocks); but only when I'm not working. 
  • I'm a workaholic, so the coffee to gin ratio is pretty lopsided.
  • I love cats, am ambivalent to dogs, and prefer the company of either to humans sometimes.
  • I'm an unabashed, moderately-conservative, liberal grammar-Nazi.
  • I believe in marriage equality, climate change, and vaccinations (though I doubt they're related).
  • I don't believe in alternative facts.
Oh. Now my wife tells me I may have over-corrected...
  • I have a lovely, super-supportive wife who gives me great advice and calls me handsome way more than I deserve.
  • I have a son who thinks I'm (at best) the fourth most important thing in the world (behind Momma, blocks, and the color purple).
  • I have a daughter who really only likes me when I have food.
  • I've never seen my parents' wedding photos because they "hired" Uncle Merle to shoot the wedding, and he either A) forgot, B) screwed up, or C) just never gave them to my parents. I'm assuming this had a profound effect on me.