Certified Professional Photographer The Knot Best of Weddings - 2019 Pick OH Snap! Photography, WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award Winner 2017

OH Snap! founder Ben Geiser is an Ohio-based Certified Professional Photographer specializing in weddings, portraits, and boudoir. He is a three-time Today's Bride Award of Excellence recipient, The Knot Best of Weddings winner, and winner of the WeddingWire Couple's Choice Award. Ben has spent nearly 20 years in the wedding industry, giving him valuable experience not only photographing weddings, but also watching how vendors interact, and the timing that's required for a successful wedding. It's this experience with weddings outside the realm of photography that gives OH Snap! an edge, especially when working with a tight schedule.


Ben also has the rare honor of being a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP). Fewer than 3% of all professional photographers in the US have achieved their certification, and being a CPP shows a commitment to the craft, and holds Ben and OH Snap! to a higher standard of quality, consistency, and reliability. And when we're talking about once-in-a-lifetime events, that's an important distinction.


At the end of the day, photography is all about interacting with people and building relationships, and with that in mind here are some interesting and completely worthless facts about me:

  • I've never smoked anything, except salmon (...a complete failure I refuse to talk about...), and do my best to avoid all medications, whether legal, illicit, or prescription.
  • ...Except caffeine (I love a good green tea, and the occasional coffee -black, two sugars); but only when I'm working.
  • ...And gin (unmixed, on the rocks); but only when I'm not working. 
  • I'm a workaholic, so the coffee to gin ratio is pretty lopsided.
  • I love cats, am ambivalent to dogs, and prefer the company of either to humans sometimes.
  • I'm an unabashed, moderately-conservative, liberal grammar-Nazi.
  • I believe in marriage equality, climate change, and vaccinations (though I doubt they're related).
  • I don't believe in alternative facts.
  • I have a lovely, super-supportive wife who gives me great advice and calls me handsome way more than I deserve.
  • I have a son who thinks I'm (at best) the fourth most important thing in the world (behind Momma, blocks, and the color purple).
  • I have a daughter who is somehow always super excited to see me, but she's still young.
  • I've never seen my parents' wedding photos because they "hired" Uncle Merle to shoot the wedding, and he either A) forgot, B) screwed up, or C) just never gave them to my parents. I'm assuming this had a profound effect on me.

And if you've made it this far, I can only assume we are perfect for each other; you should totally get in touch.


A Special Note on "Inspiration Images": I absolutely love seeing your inspiration images, whether on Pinterest or just on your phone. It lets me know what you love about photography, and tells me how I can best serve you. However, it's important to note that I will only use them as inspiration, not a template to follow. I have no interest in trying to imitate or recreate another artist's style, let alone their specific images. It feels disingenuous and downright dirty to me. If you love that artist's style and work, I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to them and asking if they are available to photograph you.